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June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day

Stó:lō Service Agency will be CLOSED in observation of this day.

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation 

Stó:lo Service Agency is observing September 30th as a Statutory Holiday. 



The Stó:lō Nation is the political amalgamation of eleven Stó:lō communities. The Stó:lō Service Agency (SSA) is the service delivery arm of Stó:lō Nation. SSA provides services to the Stó:lō and Aboriginal communities throughout S'olh Temexw.

S'olh Temexw is the traditional territory of the Stó:lō people.  According to our swxoxwiyam, we have lived here since time immemorial.  The Stó:lō traditional territory extends from Yale to Langley, BC. 

The SSA aims to ensure the health and social well being within the Stó:lō community through services and programs in the areas of education, human resource development, early childhood education services such as daycare, headstart, and family support, elderly care, social development, health services, a dental office, tourism, and land and research and resource management services. 

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COVID-19 update

  1. Bldg 7 Primary Care Clinic; Entry is by appointment only and a Covid screening is required.
  2. Follow all COVID-19 guidelines as outlined by BCCDC at
  3. Follow all Infection Control guidelines.
  4. Wash or sanitize your hands often and upon entering and exiting the building.
  5. Face masks are required.
  6. Please reschedule your appointment if you are unwell or have any symptoms.
  7. Staff continue to work on a staggered office schedule and are also available by phone or email.
  8. If you require immediate assistance from one of our essential services, please contact any of the below staff directly. 

Nursing Supervisor
Sue Griffin 604-316-1145

Immunization Appointments/Medical Travel
Deb Stewart 604-824-3210
Marge Olson 604-824-3271

Community Health Nurses
Joe Singh 778-3476452
Janelle Skoro 604-819-3414
Trina Wawryk 604-703-8830

Community Health Workers
Chelsea Lockerby-Point 604-701-9325
Chelan Charlie 604-703-6602

Home Care Nurses
Bonnie Finney 604-991-0588
Theresa Richards 604-997-4077

Home Care Aid
Leona Kelly 604-793-3759
Barbie Stewart 604-991-2240


Service Navigator
Leslee Picton 604-701-1299

Cultural Service Navigator
Frank Charlie 604-798-6061

Qwi:qwelstom Justice, Addictions & Mental Health
Darcy Paul 604-819-5741
Alicia Peters 604-819-8942
Alisha Tushingham 604-793-3346
Sue Ann Phillips 778-684-0440

Advocacy, Disability, Taxes, etc.
Diane Kelly-Anderson 604-798-3198

Aboriginal Supported Child Development/Aboriginal Infant Development
Tami Quinn 604-819-2932

Sardis Pharmacy 604-705-1030


Xyólhmet ye SyéwiqwéLh (Taking Care of Our Children) – Community Update

Investigating Unmarked Graves at Multiple Sites Associated with Three Former Residential Schools in S'ólh Temexw

Stó:lō Nation Chiefs' Council (SNCC), under the leadership of Chief David Jimmie, President of the SNCC, has launched a broad-based and inclusive initiative to investigate potential unmarked graves and missing children related to three of the former Residential School sites within S'ólh Temexw: the former St. Mary's, Coqualeetza, and All Hallows institutions in Mission, Chilliwack, and Yale. The project team will carry out archival, oral historical, and on-site remote sensing work in search of identifiable unmarked graves. We are also working with local Stó:lō First Nations including Sqwá, Sq'ewqéyl, and Ch'íyáqtel regarding unmarked burials known to have been relocated to each of their cemeteries from the Coqualeetza Grounds. Other major goals of our work are to identify Stó:lō children who were sent to Residential Schools - anywhere - and did not return home; as well as to support the commemoration and memorialization of Residential School Survivors and lost children within the Stó:lō communities and more broadly. For more about this work, please visit


Investigating Unmarked Graves at Multiple Sites Associated with Three Former Residential Schools in the Fraser Valley, S’ólh Téméxw

Following the findings of unmarked graves in former Residential School cemeteries at Tk'emlúps (Kamloops), Penelakut Island (Kuper Island), and elsewhere across Canada, Stó:lō Nation Chiefs’ Council (SNCC), under the leadership of Chief David Jimmie, President of the SNCC, launched a broad-based and inclusive initiative to investigate potential unmarked graves and missing children related to three of the former Residential School sites within S’ólh Téméxw.  This initiative includes the former St. Mary’s, Coqualeetza, and All Hallows institutions in Mission, Chilliwack, and Yale, in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.  A political Steering Committee with representatives from the SNCC, Stó:lō Tribal Council, and Independent First Nations oversees this work. The Steering Committee includes Chiefs Alice McKay, Alice Thompson, Robert Gladstone, Lara Mussell, David Jimmie, Councilors Chris Silver, Darcy Paul, and Grand Chief Clarence Pennier. The Stó:lō House of Respect Care Taking Committee, which guides repatriation efforts, provides cultural guidance to these efforts. The initiative is being operationalized through the Stó:lō Service Agency Board of Directors. This work is connected to an initiative that is being led by Grand Chief Pennier and the Stó:lō Tribal Council which focuses on residential school survivors and experiences within the Coast Salish communities.

The SRRMC will be providing regular updates to the SNCC leadership, Steering Committee, participating First Nations, and the House of Respect Care Taking Committee. Public communication of outcomes, including commemorative installations such as those recently installed at St. Mary’s and Coqualeetza Grounds, will be addressed by the SNCC and participating First Nations.

The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line (1-866-925-4419) is available 24-hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress related to the legacy of Residential Schools.

For inquiries and questions, please contact our project team:

Xyólhmet ye Syéwiqwéh (Taking Care of Our Children) – Community Update

First and foremost, the Stó:lō Nation Chief’s Council (SNCC) send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the families of the 215 children found at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School site. Our leadership and community members are experiencing heavy hearts throughout the territory, the province and across the country. The reprehensible actions of the residential school system have always been deeply felt within our Indigenous communities. Now the rest of the country is beginning to understand just how severely the atrocities committed through residential schools have engrained themselves in our people and the lasting impacts that they have left behind.
Our leadership met to discuss how we can support families, take care of the cultural work and plan for a larger ceremony to honor and recognize those who have passed before us. It is so important to acknowledge that we have family members who are still suffering from the impacts of the residential school system. The SNCC would like to acknowledge all of the important work done by the Stó:lō communities as well as the organizations who work directly with our people.

We would like nothing more than to host a large gathering and help uplift spirits in ceremony, but we are also mindful of the current health restrictions in place, so communities will be hosting individually to keep the participant numbers appropriate and continue to keep our communities safe. Chief Terry Horne has offered to carve two poles that will be located at each of the residential school sites of Coqualeetza and Pekw'xe:yles with a target date of September 30th in recognition of Orange Shirt Day.

The SNCC has provided direction to conduct research aimed at identifying potential grave sites at both former residential school locations in the Fraser Valley, Coqualeetza and St. Mary’s, in Chilliwack (Coqualeetza grounds) and Mission (Pekw'xe:yles reserve; Heritage Park) respectively. We are aware of the tragic history that includes deaths of students at both places and our thoughts go out to their families. Our staff are now conducting research on documented cemeteries and registries of students who died at these schools, as well as assessing the feasibility of using ground penetrating radar to potentially locate unmarked grave sites. All our work is and will continue to be guided by cultural protocol and oversight.

The SNCC supports the First Nation Leadership Council in urging the Prime Minister of Canada to take appropriate leadership action and ensure that comprehensive steps are put into place to establish an effective response and legal framework governing the protection and investigation of the unmarked mass burial site at the former Kamloops Residential School and where needed elsewhere.

Chief David Jimmie
President, Stó:lō Nations Chiefs Council

See Press Release

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A:lmélháwtxw “ Caring for our children” Early Education Centre provides programming in which offers a quality, holistic, traditional and safe environment for children birth to six years of age. Our programs are designed to offer children opportunities to explore the Stó:lō  (people of the river) culture, language and traditions. Our environment fosters individual learning styles, exploration and self-acceptance. We provide early learning activities, which allow the children to learn through play. When children are given these opportunities they will naturally learn and develop the skills of social, emotional, creative and physical development. Our program environment blends the teachings of the Stó:lō people, the Halq’eméylem language and early education concepts. Our inclusive environment provides a harmonious balance in which fosters our Children’s natural ways of learning.

Our facility is fully licensed by Fraser Health Community Care and Assisted Living Act and employ’s professional early childhood educators.

#9- 7201 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, B.C.
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Centre Administrative Hours: Monday-Friday 8-4pm. 

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Sto:lo Nation provides education services to eleven of the Sto:lo communities including Aitchelitz, Matsqui, Skowkale, Shxwha:y, Tzeachten and Yakweakwioose. 

K - Grade 12   Post Secondary  Longhouse Extension Program


Ey Swayel! Welcome to S'olh Temexw - Our World; Our Land - where the mountains meet the river.  We are Stó:lō, 'People of the River',' Tribe of Tribes'.  You are invited to learn our sxwoxwiyám and sqwelqwels - our stories of long ago and today. 

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The Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre is staffed by a team of highly experience professionals with many years experience working within the Stó:lō community.

The SRRMC provides professional services in the fields of natural and cultural resource management, research, facilitation and collections management. Services offered by the SRRMC are provided with an understanding of, and respect for Stó:lō protocols.

The SRRMC maintains strong research ties to numerous universities and consulting firms.

Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre


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The Finance and Administration staff perform routine centralized financial and administrative services for the Stó:ló Service Agency.

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The Qwí:qwelstóm Stó:lō Service Agency Justice Program focuses on relationships and interconnections of all living things and healing individuals, families and communities.

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