Indian Registry

Stó:lō Service Agency Indian Registry Services will be closed until further notice. Leona Sam will be sporadically checking her email if you would like to contact her regarding Indian Registry. Her email is:
If you require emergency Indian Registry Services, please call the national phone number at 1-800-567-9604

Provides registration services for the following events:

  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Divorces
  • Deaths
  • Transfers
  • Miscellaneous events
  • Adoptions
  • First-time registrants (Bill C31)
  • Bill C3 registrants (McIvor Case)
  • Status cards (paper laminated)

Please note that appointments for Indian Registry services can be made Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Wednesdays.

If you are a member of another First Nation other than the communities we serve (sidebar), please contact Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) in Vancouver, B.C. at 1-800-665-9320. 

Please renew your SCIS cards now as it takes approximately 11 -14 weeks to receive your SCIS card in the mail.  Leona Sam, IRA is able to assist you with your SCIS application.  Please call and make an appointment at 604 824-3268 or 1 800 565 6004. 

The SCIS application process takes the same amount of time even if you go directly to INAC office in Vancouver.

If you prefer to go to INAC, BC Region, Vancouver, B.C. their telephone number is 1 800 665 9320 or you can also call the Headquarters line in Ottawa at 1 800 567 9604.

For more information in regards to Registration and the SCIS card go to:

Indian Registry forms


Leona Sam
Indian Registry Administrator
Stolo Nation
Bldg.# 7-7201 Vedder Road,
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 4G5
604 824 3268