COVID - 19 Update

Income Assistance will process renewals for existing clients through one of two methods:

  1. Over the phone by pre-booking a renewal phone call. To schedule a time please call (604)-824-2422
  2. Monthly renewal form click here




  • Basic Income Assistance (income tested)
  • Person with Persistent Multiple Barriers
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • New – Monthly Nutritional Supplement
  • Adult In-Home Care (income tested)
  • Child Out of Parental Home
  • On Reserve Income Assistance.




Income assistance is temporary funds to assist with basic needs of food and shelter until one is able to regain financial independence. The program is income tested. When calling to make an appointment please keep in mind it takes 7-10 business days to process a complete application. If forms or information is missing from the file, it will delay processing.

Eligibility for Basic Income Assistance:

  • Must be between the ages of 19 and 64
  • Must provide proof of financial need
  • Live on one of the FIrst Nations that Stó:lō Service Agency administers  income assistance for (Aitchelitz, Popkum, Skawahlook,  Yakweakwioose, Matsqui, Shxwha:y, Skowkale, or Tzeachten)
  • Applicant can be status or non-status, and does not need to be a band member
  • If you live on commercial property such as a registered trailer court:
  • Status Aboriginal applicant can apply at Stó:lō Service Agency


Call and make an appointment - 604-824-2422 or 1-877-847-3288

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we will only be contacting clients through phone and email in order to respect the Physical Distancing required to minimize the spread.


Process paused due to COVID-19 and the required social distancing.
Pick up application package at local band office or at Stó:lō Nation Building 7. During the Covid-19 outbreak, you must call to schedule pickup of a package.

Do check the “For Your Information” list and bring required items.
Find the "For Your Information" list here.


Earned income – wages, rent payments to you, fishing, carving, self employed income

Unearned income – EI, honorariums, Worker’s Compensation payments, ICBC claims, Bingo or gambling winnings

Residential School reconciliation payments are not seen as income


Hand in a signed Renewal slip (if you have a partner – they need to sign form, too)
Hand in a copy of your monthly active Employment Action Plan
If you get a notice from worker about missing information, ensure the information is into the worker ASAP so as not to delay monthly Income Assistance cheque
Update your worker on any changes to your situation or income


Must have an active income assistance file for 12 out of 15 consecutive months

The medical condition must exist for a minimum of 2 years
You will need to pick up the form from your Band Social Development Worker and return to him or her when completed by your doctor
The program will pay the service charge from the doctor so please make sure his billing information is completed
The file is reviewed every 2 years.


Must require help to get around with a device such as a cane, Seeing Eye dog, or another person (can’t go anywhere without the safety of another person)

Medical condition will exist for more than 2 years
Your Band Social Development worker will need to request the form
When you get the form have your medical doctor fill in his section and you will need to complete your section. The program will pay the service charge from the doctor so please make sure his billing information is complete. When completed return to your BSDW for him or her to complete their section and mail out for adjudication. Watch the mail for the letter informing you of the decision. The classification is good for 5 years then will require a review.

Employable clients = Employable clients are allowed to earn $200/month without it being deducted from your support/SA

PPMB clients = $500 per month before deductions
PWD clients = $ 800 per month before deductions


The shelter rate is equal to off reserve income assistance rates. The payment is for actual documented costs for:

  • Rent/ mortgage payments
  • Hydro
  • Heat
  • Phone rental


The Monthly Nutritional Supplement allowances are available to PWD classified clients only.

These clients must have a chronic, progressive deterioration of their health, due to severe medical conditions. The extra funds of the Monthly Nutritional Supplement allowance assists with the costs of additional nutritional items that supplement the clients regular diet. In order to be eligible, the client must ensure they have no other funds available to cover these dietary supplements; as well as be on Income Assistance.

Please note that to be eligible for this allowance, a proper application must be filled in by your doctor and returned to your worker for processing. The Monthly Nutritional Supplement program will pay the service charge from your doctor, so please make sure his/her billing information is completed. After returning the filled-in form to your worker, the form is mailed to an adjudicator, accompanied by note from the clients’ doctor.

The natal allowances are eligible six months before birth through six months after birth, but please note that infant formula funding can only be dispersed with a valid medical reason.


Adult In-Home Care requires:

  • A financial means test (copy of Income tax)
  • A doctor’s note
  • Homemaker Services Application and Homemaker Services Evaluation Form to be filled out during home visit

Please note: One must live on reserve to access services and live on one of the 9 communities CDD Social Services are delegated to provide services to.

The purpose of Adult In-Home Care is to provide support for clients to stay in their home for as long as it is safe and reasonable. The workers provide personal care, meal preparation and light housekeeping.

Please call Sue Griffin if you require services. 1-877-411-3200 or

Tax Preparation and Assistance

Diane Kelly Anderson does income tax preparation (available all year). Diane also assists with filling out or interpreting pension and other forms.

You can contact Diane through email or phone. 

To download an Income Assistance Application Package, click Here.

This file can be printed and filed out or entered directly on the form before printing.