Stó:lō Nation Chiefs Council

The SNCC is responsible for the overall coordination of Stó:lō Nation constitutional and self-government development, including the sustained establishment and implementation of the Stó:lō unity processes.  It also represent the Stó:lō Nation in various external relations and public activities of entities within the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada and with other First Nations.

Stó:lō Nation Vision

The Stó:lō vision encompasses the social, political, economic, and cultural development of the Stó:lō, as a nation. It is a vision of a First Nation's attempt to collectively aspire for a better world for its  people - the people of the river, in a manner that is governed by its distinct culture and traditions, where each and every Stó:lō individual will attain a decent quality of life and dignity.

Stó:lō Nation Mission

To create a better world for our people, we, the Stó:lō  House of Government, endeavor to:

Provide high quality services;
Practice and promote cultural values;
Protect and manage our resources; and
Operate in a fair, honest and respectful manner.
The vision will be realized through the combined efforts among and between the SN Chiefs Council, the SN Board, and the SN Executive staff. Altogether, they will be guided by the mission statement, as adopted by the Stó:lō Nation Chiefs in 1995.

Stó:lō Nation Members

Current as of March 2018


Chief Angie Bailey
Councillor John A. George
Councillor Leona Sam
Councillor Gordon George
Administrator: Leona Sam
Elder’s Rep: Julie George


Chief Mark Point
Councillor Dustin Hall
Councillor Derek Hansom
Councillor Darcy Paul
Councillor Tiffany Silver
Band Manager Stacy McNeil


Chief Alice Thompson
Councillor Darrel McKamey
Councillor Daniel Kelly
Councillor Sandy McDonald
Councillor James Paterson
Councillor Camielle Laslo
Councillor Dawn Styran

Elder’s Rep: Barb Leggat


Chief Robert Gladstone
Councillor Tina Sam
Councillor Bonnie Russell
Councillor Anthony Aure
Councillor Daniel Rapada
Elder’s Rep: Bill RaBang


Chief Alice McKay
Councillor Louis Julian
Councillor Brenda Morgan
Governing Body - Cindy Collins 
Administrator: Chief Alice McKay
Elder’s Rep: Stan McKay


Chief David Jimmie
Councillor Stephen Jimmie
Councillor Allen Jimmie
Administrator: Tamara Bartz


Chief James Murphy
Councillor Cynthia Murphy


Chief Dalton Silver
Councillor Jackie Bird
Councillor Murray Ned
Councillor Clint Tuttle
Admin: Wendy Phair
Elder’s Rep: Barbara Silver

Sq'ewá:lxw (Skawahlook)

Chief Maureen Chapman
Councillor Debra Schneider
Band Administrator: Sharron Young
Office Manager: Susan McKamey


Chief Derek Epp
Councillor Cathy Hall
Councillor Ken Malloway
Councillor Loren Muth
Councillor Melvin Williams Jr.
General Manager: James Atebe
Elder’s Rep: Yvonne Joe/ Eva Guilderson


Grand Chief Frank Malloway
Chief Terry Horne
Councillor Nicole LaRock
Councillor Jason Malloway
Councillor Jenz Malloway
Councillor Frank Malloway Jr.
Administrator: Lydia Archie
Elder’s Rep: Mary Malloway

Organization Values

The Stó:lō Nation employees are expected to act in the best interest of the Stó:lō and must, at all times, respond to issues and concerns raised by the Stó:lō.  The following organizational values will guide the employees in their task of serving the Stó:lō  communities:

Stó:lō Nation accepts the responsibility given by the Creator. They must strengthen their resolve to achieve these goals, as specified in the Stó:lō Declaration.

Stó:lō Nation earns the respect of the people they serve, by doing what is good and proper. Employees must take time to listen to what others are saying, and are trying to do. Respect includes confidentiality and consideration for other people.

Stó:lō Nation must  congratulate themselves  for their  survival, as a people. Employees must regard themselves with favor and approval and take pride in the many roles they do for achieving the SN mission.

Stó:lō Nation must be loyal to the people and communities they serve, while respecting the strategic goals of the organization. Loyalty goes beyond the organization to defending the cultural traditions and communities of the Stó:lō.

Stó:lō Nation needs to maintain its spirituality, as this can sustain the active presence of the Creator in the life of  its people.

Stó:lō Nation must further develop and share a common vision of the future. This means freely sharing skills, talents, knowledge, and expertise necessary to achieve a common vision.

Stó:lō Nation must trust themselves and stand by the decisions they make, for the people they serve.

Stó:lō Nation must lead by example. It must direct organizational efforts and activities towards the achievement of a collective vision.

Stó:lō Nation must strive to provide for the personal and professional growth and development of its employees. Personal and professional growth is intricately related to the strategic goals of the SN, and the SN employees' productivity.

These organizational values are further enshrined in every individual employee's oath and allegiance to the people, co-workers, management, and the Stó:lō Government House.

Learn more about the Stó:lō Nation Organizational Values.