Stó:lō Nation Chiefs Council

Stó:lō identity is founded in enduring Stó:lō activities, which are inextricably interconnected with S’olh Temexw. The Stó:lō Nation Chiefs’ Council seeks to promote and advance this identity. Although the Council’s purpose includes upholding the Stó:lō Declaration, the Council does not exist to represent the Stó:lō Nation or any Stó:lō community or tribes in respect of Aboriginal rights and title.


Stó:lō Nation Chiefs Council Members

Current as of July 2021


Chief Angie Bailey
Councillor Gordon George
Councillor John A. George
Councillor Leona Sam
Elder’s Rep: Julie George


Chief Alice Thompson
Councillor Camielle Laslo
Councillor Barb Leggat
Councillor Sandy McDonald
Councillor Darrel McKamey
Councillor Phil Sherwood
Councillor Dawn Styran
Administrator: Peter Pynacker


Chief Alice McKay
Councillor Brenda Morgan
Councillor Ryan Bird
Governing Body - Cindy Collins
Administrator: Chief Alice McKay


Chief Robert Gladstone
Councillor Sandra Corpuz
Councillor Tyrell Kenworthy
Councillor Michelle Roberts
Councillor Bonnie Russell


Chief Mark Point
Councillor Teressa Galis
Councillor Willy Hall
Councillor Darcy Paul
Councillor Tiffany Silver
Band Manager Stacy McNeil


Chief David Jimmie
Councillor Allen Jimmie
Councillor Alvin Jimmie
Administrator: Laureen Wilde


Chief Dalton Silver
Councillor Murray Ned
Councillor Chris Silver
Councillor Clint Tuttle
Administrator: Forrest Funmaker
Elder’s Rep: Barbara Silver


Chief Derek Epp
Councillor Tony Malloway
Councillor Loren Muth
Councillor Sandra Bonner-Pederson
Councillor Melvin Williams Jr.
General Manager: James Atebe
Elder’s Rep: Gina Malloway


Chief Terry Horne
Councillor Jazmine Horne
Councillor Nicole LaRock
Hereditary Chief Elaine Malloway
Elder’s Rep: Mary Malloway