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The Stó:lō Nation is the political amalgamation of eleven Stó:lō communities. The Stó:lō Service Agency (SSA) is the service delivery arm of Stó:lō Nation. SSA provides services to the Stó:lō and Aboriginal communities throughout S'olh Temexw.

S'olh Temexw is the traditional territory of the Stó:lō people.  According to our swxoxwiyam, we have lived here since time immemorial.  The Stó:lō traditional territory extends from Yale to Langley, BC. 

The SSA aims to ensure social and economic development within the Stó:lō community through services and programs in the areas of education, human resource development, early childhood education services such as daycare, headstart and family support, elderly care, social development, health services, a dental office, tourism, and land and research and resource management services.

Sto:lo Service Agency and supports in regards to the BC Wild Fires:

At this time all those who have been ordered to evacuated are encouraged to register with the Canadian Red Cross:

The Red Cross 1.800.863.6582

They can also advise on what emergency services are available for you and your family.

Another phone number that can be used to ask any questions can be directed to:

Emergency Coordination Centre 1.800.663.3456

Evacuees and people looking for family members can also contact the Red Cross at: 1.888.800.6493

As of Thursday, Stó:lō Service Agency was able to connect with three groups coming back from the Elder’s Gathering on the Island. These groups were not able to return home due to the BC Wild Fires.  At that time SSA, Tzeachten, and Squiala came together to figure out how we could assist. Because we had approximately 75 Elders with nowhere to go at that time… we connected with Emergency Social Services (ESS) to receive advice on what steps were necessary in order to offer support. Once given the go ahead, we were able to solidify accommodations for the Elders.

At this time ESS has set up reception centres throughout the Province. Reception centre locations and Group Lodging locations are in the links below.

Here is a CBC article that can help explain what to do if unsure:

Here is a BC Government link for those who are being evacuated:

And one last link from the Red Cross:

These links should have the appropriate information on what to do during this very difficult time.

Stó:lō Service Agency has collaborated with many of our communities to see how we can help during this state of emergency. There are many ways to help… and we want to use our capacity to support those in need. We are in contact with Emergency Management BC to offer what supports we can.

Because ESS is setting up Group Lodging for those who have been evacuated (mentioned in the links above) that is where we have been advised to direct people.

We don’t know how long these fires will last… so we want to explore other avenues. Just to clarify the Stó:lō grounds in discussion are the St. Mary’s (Pekw’xe:yles) grounds in Mission. There has been talk of opening up the grounds at St. Mary’s, for those with RV and trailers. It is important to note that there are no hook ups for the trailers and RV’s, but a place to park and camp, once this location is confirmed we will update. Once again, Emergency Social Services (ESS) is where we have been asked to direct anyone who has been evacuated. When there is more information, we will post here.

Thanks again to all the communities giving support during this time.

Our Services & Programs


Health & Wellness
Employment & Training
Early Childhood Development
Education & Empowerment
Land, Research & Resource Management

Stó:lō Nation Health Services

We provide a wide variety of health services to On Reserve, Off Reserve and non First Nation Clients.

Community Health    Dental

Family Services

Primary Health Care Centre

Non-Insured Health Benefits

Support Services   Stolo Elders Lodge

Wellness Services


Stó:lō Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training

We provide employment preparation and skills training to all Aboriginal People.


If you are looking for Employment Opportunities within the Stó:lō Nation or Stó:lō Service Agency

Employment Opportunities


Our new logo for our centre-represents the many hands in raising a child by Carrielynn Victor


A:lmélháwtxw “ Caring for our children” Early Education Centre provides programming in which offers a quality, holistic, traditional and safe environment for children birth to six years of age. Our programs are designed to offer children opportunities to explore the Stó:lō  (people of the river) culture, language and traditions. Our environment fosters individual learning styles, exploration and self-acceptance. We provide early learning activities, which allow the children to learn through play. When children are given these opportunities they will naturally learn and develop the skills of social, emotional, creative and physical development. Our program environment blends the teachings of the Stó:lō people, the Halq’eméylem language and early education concepts. Our inclusive environment provides a harmonious balance in which fosters our Children’s natural ways of learning.

Our facility is fully licensed by Fraser Health Community Care and Assisted Living Act and employ’s professional early childhood educators.

#9- 7201 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, B.C.
V2R 4G5
Main (604) 824-6505
Fax (604) 824-8159
Centre Administrative Hours: Monday-Friday 8-4pm. 

Daycare  Headstart  Mission Aboriginal Family Place  Links



Sto:lo Nation provides education services to eleven of the Sto:lo communities including Aitchelitz, Matsqui, Skowkale, Shxwha:y, Tzeachten and Yakweakwioose. 

K - Grade 12   Post Secondary  Longhouse Extension Program


Ey Swayel! Welcome to S'olh Temexw - Our World; Our Land - where the mountains meet the river.  We are Stó:lō, 'People of the River',' Tribe of Tribes'.  You are invited to learn our sxwoxwiyám and sqwelqwels - our stories of long ago and today. 


The Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre is staffed by a team of highly experience professionals with many years experience working within the Stó:lō community.

The SRRMC provides professional services in the fields of natural and cultural resource management, research, facilitation and collections management. Services offered by the SRRMC are provided with an understanding of, and respect for Stó:lō protocols.

The SRRMC maintains strong research ties to numerous universities and consulting firms.


Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration staff perform routine centralized financial and administrative services for the Stó:ló Service Agency.

Finance and Administration  Indian Registry 

Income Assistance  Property Management



The Qwí:qwelstóm Stó:lō Service Agency Justice Program focuses on relationships and interconnections of all living things and healing individuals, families and communities.

Justice Program