Family Services

Shxwt’am:etsel: Family Programs

The Shxwt’am:etsel Family Programs are made up of a team of professionals who offer a variety of services to families with children primarily in the 0 – 12 age range. All programs are based on our family centered philosophy which means that parent and caregivers know their children best and are our most valuable and respected resource. All staff work with families in a culturally sensitive manner making sure that each family’s unique values and beliefs are honored. Staff work with families and other service providers as needed to provide developmental screening and monitoring, resources, advocacy, parenting support, consultation and opportunities for group and individual learning.

Aboriginal Supported Child Development (ASCD)
Aboriginal Supported Child Development is designed for children primarily in the 3 – 12 age range. ASCD provides support and consultation to families and child care centers when children have delays in one or more of the following areas:

• Physical
• Emotional/social
• Cognitive
• Communication
• Behavioural

Children must either be attending or seeking to be enrolled in a Child care Center. ASCD works with the family and other community service providers to plan and support optimal healthy development in all areas. The ASCD consultant can provide developmental screening and referrals to outside agencies for additional assistance when needed. They can also provide ongoing consultation and planning using a strength based approach with the child care center, family and others who may be involved in the child’s life. Aboriginal Supported Child Development strives to support inclusion and ensure that children are able to access child care programs regardless of their developmental level.

Aboriginal Infant Development Program (AIDP)
Aboriginal Infant Development program is designed as a home based program for children 0 – 3 who may have or be at risk for experiencing a delay in their physical, emotional, cognitive, communicative or behavioural development. Aboriginal Infant Development Consultants also work with infants that are at risk and in a foster care placement. AIDP works in a culturally sensitive manner ensuring that families’ values are taken into consideration. Planning for the child’s development is centered on family priorities and support is given to ensure that children are able to reach their developmental milestones.

AIDP provides developmental screening and monitoring through home visits using formal and informal screening tools. The AIDP consultant visits the home and provides both strategies and resources for parents and caregivers. They are able to assist with referrals for additional services when needed and help to link the family to these resources when barriers exist. Aboriginal Infant Development staff strive to support and encourage families to give their children the best possible start in life and to help discover ways to ensure children meet their developmental milestones.

All of our programs are open to any Aboriginal child in the 0 – 12 age range whether they are First Nations, Metis, and Inuit or self-Identified and live in the Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Mission areas. Referrals can come from a parent, social worker, community service provider, health care provider etc.  Our programs are voluntary so the parent or legal guardian must consent to the referral before services can begin Referral forms may be obtained by contacting Stó:lō Nation Aboriginal Support Services at 604-824-3200 or 1-877-311-3200.



This unique program located at St. Mary's Center, offering free programs for Aboriginal families and their children ages 0-6 years old. Caregivers and expectant parents are always welcome. We provide a nutritious meal, parent drop- in, one to one educator and family outreach, and much more! Early Learning services include:

  • Cultural activities
  • Halq’eméylem language
  • Circle time, Story telling
  • Arts and crafts                                
  • Community support services
  • Social networking
  • Guest speakers
  • Parent Workshops
  • Family Nights

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