Sto:lo Tourism

Explore the magnificent Stó:lō-Coast Salish people and traditional territory.  Stó:lō Tourism is a hidden treasure within the Fraser Valley with exciting and memorable experiences for everyone.  You can view cultural artifacts, hear our oral history that supports our Stó:lō laws, visit interpretive centres and longhouses, create traditional artwork, learn about our history, and meet the people.

Stó:lō Tourism provides opportunities to explore and experience S’ólh Téméxw ('Our World; Our Land') - the unique and beautiful world of the Stó:lō people. Tours, events, shopping and accommodation information are available.

Sto:lo Cultural Tours are available at Sto:lo Nation in Chilliwack, BC. One hour cultural tours are available Thursday to Saturday starting at 1pm. Tours start at the Sto:lo Gift Shop.

Book your school or group tour today by filling out a booking form. Email or fax it to Francine Douglas at or fax to 604-824-0278. Stolo_Cultural_Tour_Booking_Form.

Bad Rock Tours
Explore the cultural landscape of the beautiful traditional Stó:lō territory with Naxaxalhts'i, Albert (Sonny) McHalsie.

Naxaxalhts'i is currently the Cultural Advisor and Stó:lō Historian for the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre. Naxaxalhts’i has studied Halq’eméylem place names for 21 years. Naxaxalhts'i will narrate the land – telling the Sxowxiyám and Swelqwels, the legends and the true stories, that give shape to the Stó:lō culture, history and people. Expand for more information on Bad Rock Tours.

Upriver Tour
Enjoy the majestic mountains and waterways of the Upper Fraser Valley on a tour departing from Chilliwack destined for the scenic Fraser Canyon above historic Yale B.C. Listen and learn about the unique relationship between the Stó:lō, “the River People”, their land and their environment.

Special stops of interests may include the fishing rock known as Kw’ik-w’iyá:la (Coquihalla); the pool of origin for the sacred sxwó:yxwey mask; hear about the s’ó:lmexw or “waterbabies” and the mimestíyexw or the “little people” of the forest; see the remains of a sqémél (pithouse: or in Chinook “keekwillie”) last used in the 1880’s; and see where Xexá:ls the transformers left scratch marks at a place where he did battle with Xéylxe-lamós, an Indian Doctor; hear about the stl’áleqem or spiritual beings. Learn up to 120 Halq’méylem place names including the original names of Lhílheqey for Mt. Cheam, Ts’qó:ls for Hope, Xwoxwelá:lhp for Yale, and Xéylxelamós for Lady Franklin Rock, and many other Halq’eméylem Place Names.

Downriver Tour
This tour departs from Chilliwack destined for the scenic route through Cultus Lake, Abbotsford, Mission, and Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

Hear about Kwikw’alith’a, Sq’ewqéyl, Ch’iyáqtel, Th’ewá:li and Swílhcha; special stops of interests include Cultus Lake home of a T’liteqo Spá:th (underwater bear);hear about the Barrowtown Pump Station and the the draining of Semá:th Lake; — explore Sto:lo history, culture and archaeology; learn about Xexá:ls transformations like Méqsel, Xá:ytem, Tixwelátsa, Qwél:es, and Chítmexw; hear about the stl’áleqem or spiritual beings. Learn the Halq’méylem place names including the original names of Qoqó:lem for Vedder Mountain, Teq’qéyex for Sumas Mountain, and Xweqw’eyíqw for Echo Island, and many more Halq’eméylem Place Names.

Chilliwack River Valley Tour
This newly developed tour travelling through Chilliwack following the Chilliwack River and its creeks and sloughs. This tour will take you through Skowkale and Tzeachten territories before heading toward the Chilliwack Lake.

Special stops of interest may include the Centre Creek site known as Stehiyáq “place of fish trap”; Sxótsaqel “sacred lake” or “something that’s sacred” (Chilliwack Lake); a short hike to the Chipmunk Caves off Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Road; Iy’oythel “always a mouth” or “good mouth”, Allison Pools recreation site, where pithouses were located; and we hear about many other Halq’eméylem Place Names

Full day tours begin at the Coqualeetza grounds at approximately at 8:30 am in front of Stó:lō Nation building #10 located in Chilliwack at 7201 Vedder road and return approximately at 4:00 pm. Dress appropriately (in layers is best) and wear comfortable shoes suitable for mild hiking. Don’t forget your camera, binoculars, & umbrella! Lunch and refreshments are not typically included in Bad Rock tours but can be arranged for your group at an extra cost. Note: itinerary can be suited to your group, timeframe and budget.

For tour information, please contact Sonny McHalsie at 604-824-2420, toll-free at 1-800-565-6004, or by email.

Sto:lo Cultural Tours

An exceptional experience of the Stó:lō people: The Shxwtà:selhawtxw Longhouse Extension Program, known as the House of Long Ago and Today offers a unique hands-on and interactive approach to experiencing how the Stó:lō lived, and, how they live today. At Shxwtà:selhawtxw, you will be guided by Stó:lō cultural interpreters who will tell stories and legends, demonstrate the art and technology, and explain the artifacts and exhibits on display.

Your experience is only heightened by visiting the Coqualeetza Educational Longhouse, with fires and unimaginable ambiance. The Centre has an Ethnobotanical Garden featuring traditional Stó:lō foods and medicines and a serene pond – mimicking the natural landscape that the Stó:lō depending on for sustenance.
Tour lengths vary and topics of interest can be incorporated.

The Stó:lō Ethnobotanical Garden is a peaceful and welcome area that sits alongside the Coqualeetza Longhouse on the Sto:lo Nation grounds. There is an informational display that serves as a entrance way into the gardens and it features Stó:lō legends, people and history . The garden contains many of the important plants and medicines Stó:lō used historically and that are still used today.

The Coqualeetza Educational Longhouse serves as a sanctuary for Stó:lō traditions, knowledge, and ceremonies. It is an important site for community gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies. It purpose is to be a true community educational building where Stó:lō neighbors can experience and learn about the Stó:lō culture.

One hour cultural tours are available at $25 per person on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please meet at the Sto:lo Gift Shop at 19-7201 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC. Private, School and group tours are also available by filling out a booking form and sending it to or fax to 604-824-0278. Please call Francine at 1-855-STOLO-52 if you have any questions.

The Coqualeetza longhouse is available for rent on an hourly and daily basis. ($300 per day). Traditional Salmon lunches are available for your group at an extra cost.

Sto:lo Resource Centre

The SRC was built in October 2010 in the heart of S'ólh Téméxw ('Our World; Our Land'), on the Coqualeetza Grounds in Chilliwack, B.C. (prior site of the Coqualeetza Residential School). The SRC was shaped by over two years of input from many Stó:lō First Nation advisors, dedicated to taking care of our 'Treasures' our sacred possessions, our Old People, and our cultural knowledge. As Chief Joe Hall, former President of the Stó:lō Nation said,

“The Stó:lō Resource Centre is a place where all are welcome to learn, share and work in a meaningful and respectful way. It is a place where stories from our past can come to life for all to experience, and where we will – as the Stó:lō people – create and share stories of a prosperous future in partnership with each other , and with our global community. “

The SRC houses the Stó:lō peoples cultural heritage and knowledge. It has state of the art language, archive and artifact facilities to preserve and maintain Stó:lō cultural heritage, lands and resource based information. It provides the Stó:lō and their neighbours with access to resources. The SRC is a Siy:ám House - a place of respect and a place of culture, knowledge, economy, and sharing.

This is a place that will help with the important task of 'xyólhmet te mekw'stám ít kwelát' - taking take care of everything that belongs to us, the Stó:lō. This is a place that will benefit all Stó:lō and all our neighbours, locally, throughout the Fraser Valley, and beyond.

The Stó:lō Resource Centre (SRC) is a 24,800 square foot three story office building houses the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre (SRRMC), Stó:lō Development Corporation (SDC), Shxwt'a:selhawtxw Longhouse Extension Program (LEP), the Stó:lō Fisheries, and others.

The SRC features a Stó:lō Elders room, library, historical archives, artifact repository and curation space, video conferencing and 'smart-technology' boardrooms, Halq'eméylem language lab, Stó:lō cultural artifact and artwork display and interpretive space, and an education / artistic performance space as a central feature of the new building.

Rental Information: booking costs vary per room / function. For rental rate and booking Information, please contact:
Tracey Joe
Stó:lō Nation - Stó:lō Resource Centre
Bldg. 10 -7201 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 4G5

Phone: 604-824-2420 / 604-858-3366