School Services

The Post Secondary Student Support Services provides academic counselling and financial support to Stó:lō Nation community members whose education funds are administered through Stó:lō Nation Education services. Scholarships and bursaries are also available to post secondary students and are awarded based on grades, course load, and GPA. Bursaries are based more on needs however, grades are still a factor.

Students can apply through the Stó:lō Nation Post Secondary Education for the following
types of support:

•   basic tuition fees
•   registration fees
•   professional certification
•   examination fees
•   cost of books and supplies
•   tutorial funding
•   living expense (food, shelter, daily transportation, child care and emergency expenses)
•   travel
•   scholarships

How Do I Qualify?

•   You must be a registered Status Member
•   You need academics such as Math, English and Science with your Dogwood Certificate
•   Your must be taking at least 3 courses per term
•   You must be working towards a certificate, diploma or degree

How Do I Apply?

•   Book an interview
•   Get an explanation of policies, terms and conditions
•   Make sure you are registered to a Stó:lō Nation Band

Required Forms

•   Post-secondary application form
•   Academic transcripts
•   Personal resume
•   Letter of career goal & objective
•   Letter of acceptance to institution
•   Copy of program information with fee schedule
•   Copy of current status card